Château Cateau Lagrange

My father was one of the first winegrowers to turn his vineyard into an organic operation at the end of the 1970s. He taught me at a very young age to love and respect the soil, and I have continued to learn more about it through numerous placements in various vineyards : I’ve worked in Beaujolais, Médoc, Languedoc and the Loire. I’ve also taken part in tasting competitions. I have always been driven by the idea of setting up my own business: in 2011, I became the owner of a 5.5 hectare vineyard to the south of Sainte-Foy-La-Grande that I reorganised and extended with an extra 5 hectares in 2016. New in 2017: a larger cellar to handle the harvests!

Cateau is the name of a locality and La Grange the name of a prominent family.
Château Cateau Lagrange

Château Cateau Lagrange

Bordeaux Supérieur

Technical informations

Location : Les Lèves-et-Thoumeyragues
Vineyard surface : 10,5 hectares
Soils : Silt, clay and sand with a large part of the vineyard being clay-limestone soil
Blend of grape variety : 50 % Merlot, 30 % Cabernet Sauvignon and 20 % Cabernet Franc
Wine-making process :

Vinified without sulphites. Minimum air contact during the process. Oxygen added in homeopathic form during fermentation if required. Three weeks’ fermentation. Malolactic fermentation.

Tasting comments :

The colour is a dazzling deep crimson. The very open nose leads to aromas of ripe grapes; the mouth is generous, with still firm tannins. This wine is all down to the skill of a winemaker who vinifies without adding any sulphites whatsoever, leading to a succulent, powerful blend that gives full expression to its terroir. A natural wine.

Wine pairings :

Roast beef

Awards :

o Vintage 2016: Silver medal Concours International de Lyon 2016

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