A collective committed to ethical wine

For a wine that delivers to both consumers and its producers.
A wine that prioritizes people and nature.

MORE THAN AN ECONOMIC MODEL, our approach is built on a philosophy and can be summarized in one word: ethics.

Our movement is based on the concept of ethical winegrowing. The following are our values that unite us on a daily basis.

Our adventure began at the end of the 1990s, when Jean-Francois Réaud imagined creating an innovative and participatory collective that united the winegrowers of the Right Bank in Bordeaux. For the past 20 years and still today, we are united in a spirit of solidarity and respect for three common values: mutual support, quality, and the environment.

We operate according to a hybrid model, one of fair balance between cooperation, commerce and independence. Secure under a common banner, each of our identities is protected and our work fairly remunerated, regardless of economic or climate risks, allowing us to concentrate our efforts on constantly improving the quality of our wines.

Our estates have turned ecological awareness into a warhorse, operating in complete respect for the environment. Preserving the balance of nature is at the heart of our unique association.
All of our members are HVE 3 certified (Haute Valeur Environnementale Niveau III [High Environment Value Level III], the highest level) and a third of us are organic farmers. We won’t stop there; we want to bring together 50% of organic and/or biodynamic winegrowers between now and 2025.

From wine to bottle, the close proximity of our terroirs has made it possible to share high-performing viti/viniculture tools as well as exchange knowledge at unprecedented levels. We are all based in the Gironde’s Right Bank, and we strive to learn as much as possible about this jewel of Bordeaux. From the hillsides of Blaye to Libourne, we want you to discover these dynamic and authentic vineyards – the vineyards of tomorrow.

We have all contributed to writing a charter that unites us and guarantees constant production. We have faith in this system and are proud to belong to a new form of ethical viticulture enterprise, which goes far beyond fairness.

We are reinventing the future of Bordeaux production and distribution. Guided by the passion of our métier, we are breaking Bordeaux rules by democratizing access to quality products from independent producers to spread the joy of our clean, pure wines.

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