Château Du Luc

My family has always owned vineyards, but winegrowing wasn’t their main business: it was running the local shop! Personally I’ve always loved wine for its complex and evocative character. So in 1992 I bought 1.5 hectares of vines that belonged to my grandmother. Over the years I’ve managed to build up a vineyard that covers 14 (and soon 19) hectares. I manage my vines organically, the best method in my opinion to craft wines that are truest to their terroir.

The name of the Château is taken from the name of the locality where the vines are grown, Le Luc.
Château du Luc

Château du Luc

Côtes de Bourg

Technical informations

Location : Bayon sur Gironde
Vineyard surface : 14 hectares
Soils : Mainly clay-limestone with some silt
Blend of grape variety : 80 % Merlot, 10 % Cabernet Sauvignon, 5 % Malbec and 5 % Cabernet Franc
Wine-making process :

Cold maceration prior to fermentation. Delestage adapted to suit the structure of the wine. Three weeks' fermentation. Aged in vats.

Tasting comments :

The wine is shot through with cherry red glints. The nose gradually becomes more powerful with subtle, roasted, woody notes. A well-structured palate, full and powerful, mingles with just-ripe fruit. The finish is full-bodied and amazingly protracted.

Wine pairings :


Awards :

o Vintage 2016: Gold medal Gilbert & Gaillard 2017, Gold medal CWSA 2017, Silver medal Amphore 2017, Silver medal Citadelles du Vin 2017, Silver medal AWC Vienna 2017, Bronze International Wine Awards 2017, Wine Enthusiast 86/100, Bruxelles 2018 78,40/100 , Retained At The Guide Selection Bordeaux Bruxelles 2018
o Vintage 2017: Gold medal Bordeaux 2019, Gold medal Japan Awards 2019, Gold medal Berliner Wein Trophy 2018, Gold medal Singapour Competition 2018, Gold medal Gilbert & Gaillard 2018, Silver medal International Wine Awards 2018, Silver medal Elle à Table 2018, Silver medal Frankfurt 2018, Silver medal AWC Vienna 2018, Bronze medal Amphore 2018

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