A dedicated team

If the story of Vignobles Gabriel & Co is such a success, it’s thanks to a receptive and devoted team with a thorough knowledge of all administrative functions. They enable the men and women in the field to exercise their professions in the best possible conditions in the vineyard and the warehouse. Together they form one big family, and all contribute to the excellence of Vignobles Gabriel & Co.

Jean-François Réaud


I was still a teenager when I discovered the rich winemaking past of the family farm and the role played by my great-great-grandfather, Gabriel. I decided to follow in his footsteps, and took the same path by studying winemaking. Since then, my passion for wines from independent winegrowers has continued to flourish, and with it, a thirst for authenticity, solidarity and sincerity. It is thanks to this that Vignobles Gabriel & Co exists.

Carole Reaud

Sales Administration and Logistics Manager

When I started studying spatial design I was far from imagining that I would join the family business… But that’s what happened! I soon realised that the field of spatial design wasn’t suited to my personality and that it lacked a human side. After a season with Vignobles Gabriel & Co I had made my decision to change career paths; I’m now Sales Administration and Logistics Manager, and I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.

Romualde DUMAS

Accounts and Financial manager

After 20 years spent in the public transport sector as Senior Accounting Officer, I decided to give my career new momentum by joining a family-run business with values of mutual support and trust: Vignobles Gabriel & Co. Dynamic, persevering and committed, I joined the team as Administration and Finance Manager. This big family enables me to rise to new challenges every day.

Thomas Talandier

Technical Manager

After starting my career in a sales capacity I soon realised that my real driving force was wine. I went back to college to specialise in oenology, and today make my living from my passion. My life is spent between managing the family farm in Charente-Maritime and Vignobles Gabriel & Co., where I’m technical manager. It’s hard work but a lot of fun, for which I constantly go the extra mile.

Anne Laurent

Administrative and Accounts Assistant

I’m a people person with a background in figures. After 10 years in the large retail sector, during which I was in contact with countless numbers of people, I resumed my accounting studies to take a Baccalauréat Professionnel vocational diploma, 12 years after my initial accounting diploma. After passing the Baccalauréat I joined Vignobles Gabriel & Co, and I’m delighted to have been part of this big family ever since!


Quality manager

I grew up on my father’s farm in Charente-Maritime, so I was nurtured by agricultural and family values. After spending over 10 years in Paris as a dental prosthetist, I wanted to return to my home ground and set myself new goals. For me, Vignobles Gabriel & Co represents a professional challenge, with sweet memories of the grape harvests of my childhood as a backdrop.

Maylis Robert

Purchasing Manager

Over the seven years I’ve been with Vignobles Gabriel & Co in various positions, I’ve grown in stature both professionally and personally.
I started as accountant, then sample preparer and logistics assistant, and I am now purchasing manager.
My independence and versatility have made it easy for me to forge links with the winegrowers.

Aurélien Guénon

Purchasing Assistant

Immersed in the world of wine since my childhood, my studies as an electro-technician have directed me towards the technical side of it.
Operator then driver of bottling line for 12 years, my health pushed me to a professional reconversion and it was to the administrative assistance that I chose.
Integrating Vignobles Gabriel & Co is an opportunity for me to combine my experience in industrial production, both on the technical aspect and the quality, with my new job.

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