A dedicated team

If the story of Vignobles Gabriel & Co is such a success, it’s thanks to a receptive and devoted team with a thorough knowledge of all administrative functions. They enable the men and women in the field to exercise their professions in the best possible conditions in the vineyard and the warehouse. Together they form one big family, and all contribute to the excellence of Vignobles Gabriel & Co.

Jean-François Réaud


I was still a teenager when I discovered the rich winemaking past of the family farm and the role played by my great-great-grandfather, Gabriel. I decided to follow his footsteps, and took the same path by studying winemaking. Since then, my passion for wines from independent winegrowers has continued to flourish, and with it, a thirst for authenticity, solidarity and sincerity. It is thanks to this that Vignobles Gabriel & Co exists.

I care to participate to the évolution of relations between winegrowers and other players of the industry. Today, our collective depicts close relationships and mutual respect, two principles that I try to implement with my employees, partners and suppliers on a daily basis.

Passion is to be shared and passed on to ! I am pleased to welcome my two daughters, one after the other, and watch them commit to Vignobles Gabriel & Co’s adventure. Just like me 35 years sooner, Carole and Pauline have chosen to perpetuate the family story and care to reinvent the future of Bordeaux production and distribution. Today, we lead our collective and staff peacefully towards tomorrow’s issues, everyone doing his part.

Carole Réaud

Managing Director of Operations

When I started studying spatial design, I was far from imagining that I would join the family business… Yet, that’s what happened ! I soon realised that the field of spatial design did not suit my personality and that it lacked a human and tangible dimension. After a season working for Vignobles Gabriel & Co, I had made my decision to change career paths. I then practiced for 10 years as Sales Administration and Logistics Manager.
Those years made me reach both personal and professional fulfillment and led me to consider more strategic and organisational topics for the family business.
As the actual Managing Director of Operations I provide for a smooth running of the activity, its sustainability, its continuous improvement, for our staff’s well-being and for cohesion within the collective : winegrowers and employees.

Jérôme Zabel

Vine and Wine Manager

Growing up, I gained professional experience in my family wine-growing holding. It became a true passion that allows me to combine work and other hobbies of mine: gastronomy, family time, friends and savoir-faire heritage. Today, I am proud to be vine and wine manager myself of three beautiful estates: Château le Grand Moulin, Château les Aubiers and Châteaux Haut Sociondo.

Thomas Talandier

Technical Manager

After starting my career in a sales capacity I soon realised that my real driving force was wine. I went back to college to specialise in oenology, and today make my living from my passion. My life is spent between managing the family farm in Charente-Maritime and Vignobles Gabriel & Co., where I’m technical manager. It’s hard work but a lot of fun, for which I constantly go the extra mile.


Financial and Administrative Manager

I was born in Bordeaux, living in Blaye and proud ambassador of my region and its vineyard. It was therefore obvious for me to get involved professionally as well. And what better industry than wine !

I graduated from a management, finance and auditing school and after 17 years of experience, I joined the accounting department of Vignobles Gabriel & Co as Financial and Administrative Manager in 2021. I am a person of figures, rigourous and involved. That is why I need to share the values of my company : simplicity, solidarity, humanity, transparency, initiative, ethics. All the more qualities I find in my job on a daily basis and that we practice with my team, the other departments of the company and the collective of winegrowers.

Today, I am glad I fall within a local company sustainably and where the key players are committed and evolve hand in hand towards the same goal, thanks to the diversity of people’s skills.

Anne Laurent

Deputy Financial and Administrative Manager

I’m a people person with a background in figures. After 10 years in the large retail sector, during which I was in contact with countless numbers of people, I resumed my accounting studies to take a Baccalauréat Professionnel vocational diploma, 12 years after my initial accounting diploma.

After passing the Baccalauréat I joined Vignobles Gabriel & Co in 2017 as accounting, administrative and logitistics assistant, then as accountant. These multi-skilled positions made me develop knowledge about the company. Versatility has always been the key to our family firm.

I witnessed the progress our SME has made since and I am proud to have found my calling within the accounting department as Deputy Financial and Administrative Manager. Just as much as I am delighted to contribute everyday to the growth of our activity and our local winegrowers’.


Sales Representative

Vine and wine, I know them very well! Born and raised in a family of winegrowers, I chose to live off of this product of passion myself. My interest in client relation and in sales led me towards wine business studies. Go-getter and determined, I continue helping my family with our Blaye wine estate.

My adventure at Vignobles Gabriel & Co’s started in 2021. After a first stop at the packaging and storing warehouse, I’ve arrived in the sales department, more experienced with logistics topics. Today, as sales representative, I am glad to contribute to the winegrowers collective’s development and this family business that promotes our local territory.

Adeline SIBÉ

Sales Administration and Logistics Manager
My second name is multitask! After science studies, I worked in different fields: vine, social security and screen printing. I returned to school in 2020 to study SME management while balancing a busy family life. The next year, I first started at Vignobles Gabriel & Co’s on the production line. A few months later, I got the position of Sales Administration and Logistics assistant; then I became department manager in 2022.
A significant career evolution that rewards my rigor at work and quick adaptability in the company that gave me this opportunity!
Today, I truly thrive in my job, and I am proud to contribute to our clients’ satisfaction and winegrowers’ fair remuneration.

Pauline Réaud

Marketing and Communication Manager

In life, curiosity guides me ! I have always been interested in understanding how an organization works and so I have decided to study its multiple aspects : business, management and human resources.

Since 2019, I have the opportunity to bring my enthusiasm and knowledge to the family business. I had not imagine joining my father and sister so soon in this adventure, but I am proud to take part in our legacy. The three of us form a true winning trio ! As Marketing and Communication Manager, my priority is to raise awareness about Vignobles Gabriel & Co and favour bonds and dialogue within the collective !

Enthusiastic traveller, the vine and wine industry answers my thirst for adventure since it gathers sharing, products diversity and my deep admiration for the winegrower’s savoir-faire.

Ludivine Morin

Merchandising Manager

After business studies, I always came to work for companies in the wine industry.

Young and dynamic, I am honoured to work for Vignobles Gabriel & Co since 2018. This family company listens to its partners and shares values I hold dear : quality, respect and rigour.

Today as Merchandising Manager, I am proud to promote Vignobles Gabriel & Co’s wines by supporting samples shipping and tastings planning !

Jérôme RUSSO

Chief Operating Officer (packaging and storing warehouse)

At the age of 16, I started a military carreer. For 15 years, I served the Navy Paratroopers’ Infantry and I worked my way up through the master coporal rank. As I returned to a civilian life in Bordeaux, I found interest in the transportation industry and in the wine and bottling industry.

I met Jean-François Réaud in 2020. Our mutual trust took shape with my integrating the family business as Chief Operating Officer of the packaging and storing warehouse, leading a 15-employee team.

It is with pleasure that I joined Vignobles Gabriel & Co and its values that I share : rigour, respect and fellowship. As a true adventurer, I welcome the daily challenges with enthusiasm.

Aurélien Guénon

Manager of Dry Matters and Bottling

Immersed in the world of wine since my childhood, my studies as an electro-technician led me towards the technical side of wine.

Operator then driver of bottling line for 12 years, my health pushed me to a professional retraining and I started working at Vignobles Gabriel & Co as administrative assistant of the purchase department in 2018.

Today, as Manager of Dry Matters and Bottling, I am lucky to use my experience in industrial wine production when it comes to technical, administrative and quality levels.

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