Our charter of commitments

We, the partner winegrowers of Vignobles Gabriel & Co collective, have written this
Charter of Commitment that unites us and guides our production of ethical wine.



Fair Pay

We are bound by a social and economic contract that provides reassurance vis-à-vis sales constraints and allows us to focus on product development that respects the balance of nature, while having a clear vision for the future. To make this ethical commitment official, the collective became in 2020 the first French wine actor committed to the Fair For Life labelling process, a fair trade certification of Ecocert.


Sharing Goods and Knowledge

Throughout the year we have access to personalized support in the form of advice that extends from the vine to the cellar. We share some of our production tools to ensure a quality harvest while cutting costs. As such, the cultivation equipment for organic vineyards is shared; a bottling truck travels to all the estates and a state-of-the-art system that collectively prevents and efficiently fights against hail has been put in place.


Respect for All Winegrowers and Terroirs

Respect for individual characteristics is at the heart of the charter, to protect the identity of each winegrower and value their terroir under the collective banner of Vignobles Gabriel & Co. This reliable label, built on trust and quality, is an invaluable guide to the consumer at the time of purchase.


Strength in Numbers

Being part of a movement allows us to present a range of identities all linked by common considerations and structures. This union makes us stronger in distribution and provides access to market opportunities unimaginable without the collective.


N°5 / Quality

The Fruits of Continuous Improvement

The basis of any lasting collaboration is trust, and there is no trust without guarantees. Therefore, we are committed to using all the equipment, financing, and personnel necessary to produce wines of the best possible quality. In practical terms, at the outset of partnering with each vintner, a baseline contract price is set, agreed to by both parties. Each year our wines are blind-tasted by a committee of industry professionals. Based on the score obtained, this price is adjusted higher or lower, as applicable. This score-based remuneration system is an additional stimulus for each of us to constantly improve the quality of our wines.


Long-lasting Partnerships

Under our three-year contracts that renew automatically we are committed to guaranteeing consumers stability in the quality and supply of Vignobles Gabriel & Co wines they buy. During this timeframe we are committed to selling the entire product line through the collective.


Protecting the Vineyards of Tomorrow

Environmentally-friendly production is a top concern for the collective. All our estates are HVE 3 (Haute Valeur Environnementale [High Environmental Value]) certified, at the highest certification level, and a third of us have already opted for organic and/or biodynamic labelling. The price point of wines with this label are adjusted to support environmentally-friendly or health-promoting initiatives. Several complementary initiatives are key to the collective: sulphur-free and pesticide-free wines, and wines free of oenological inputs, among others.

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