The story of my family on Château Roc du Pin’s land goes back to more than five generations! The estate got its name from the land’s name “le Pin” (meaning pine in French) and from the massive rock standing next to our cellar; like a dolmen it lasts through the ages, unchanging and delineating our farm’s entrance. Since I arrived at the estate in 2015, I have started a reorganization of the vineyard: uprooting, replanting, purchasing vines, farming, modernizing the cellar, investing in farming equipment. So many improvements helping me craft a constant, quality wine, true to my terroir. I have been practicing organic farming for my whole vineyard since 2017 and I got the official certification in 2020, in hopes of giving back to nature the sustainability it has been offering my family’s wine passion all these years!


Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux



Technical informations

Village: Salles de Castillon, Castillon La Bataille, Saint Magne de Castillon, Gardegan, Tourtirac
Total winegrowing area: 14 hectares
Clay-limestone soils - 40-year-old vines - 82-meter-high
Winemaking and ageing:

Mechanical harvest at the end of September / beginning of October. Traditional winemaking in concrete vats. Yeasting the day following vatting. Pumping-over depending on the alcoholic fermention evolution. Maceration at the end of the alcoholic fermentation before racking (at least 10 days). Racking then malolactic fermentation in the vat. Classic caring of the wine according to tastings.

85% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Franc, 5% Cabernet Sauvignon
Tasting comments:

The colour is deep, dark. The intense nose opens with ripe fruit flavours. The palate is full-bodied, fleshy. Juicy black fruit aromas mix with powerful and mastered tannins. The whole is well-balanced and generous.

Food and wine pairings:

Tender piece of beef with carrots, Mustard sauce rabbit, Coq au vin

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